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company news about The Main Application Range of Polyaluminum Chloride

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Company News
The Main Application Range of Polyaluminum Chloride
Latest company news about The Main Application Range of Polyaluminum Chloride


In the process of dissolution of polyaluminum chloride, hydroxide ions release a large number of positive charges to absorb the negatively charged ions in water, and the flocs are formed quickly and coarse, with high activity and fast precipitation, so as to achieve the purpose of decomposition and purification of sewage, and the purification effect of high turbidity water is obvious. Applicable to a lot of sewage, can be used in drinking water, domestic sewage, papermaking, chemical industry, electroplating, printing and dyeing, aquaculture, mineral processing, food, medicine, rivers, lakes and other industries of sewage treatment, it plays an important role in.


Polyaluminum chloride products use:

  1. 1.Treatment of river water, lake water and groundwater;
  2. 2.Treatment of industrial water and industrial circulating water;
  3. 3.Treatment of urban domestic water and urban sewage;
  4. 4.Recovery of coal mine scouring wastewater and porcelain industry wastewater;
  5. 5.Printing plant, printing and dyeing plant, tannery, meat processing plant, pharmaceutical factory, paper factory,     coal washing, metallurgy, mining area and the treatment of wastewater containing fluorine oil and heavy metals;
  6. 6. Recovery of useful substances in industrial wastewater and waste slag, promoting coal powder settlement in coal washing wastewater, starch recovery in starch manufacturing industry;
  7. 7.For some industrial sewage which is difficult to deal with, PAC is taken as the matrix, mixed with other chemicals and blended into compound PAC, which can get a good effect in sewage treatment;
  8. 8. Anti-wrinkle of leather and cloth;
  9. 9.Cement solidification and mold casting;
  10. 10.Glycerin and sugar refining, cosmetics raw materials;
  11. 11.Can be a good catalyst;


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